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We are offering this trial because we understand that many property owners and property managers are hesitant to sign up for a vacation rental site without knowing if it will produce revenue. We are so confident in our services that we want to prove our value before you pay for it!

  • No risk, no obligation, no credit card required for free trial
  • Full page designated to your property
  • Unlimited number of photos at no additional charge. Petswelcome believes photos are what ultimately books your property so the more photos the better.
  • Renter emails go directly to you
  • Direct link to site page for property

If you decide to continue, it will cost $150 for a full year subscription per property for owners direct and special bulk pricing is available for all property managers with over 5 properties to list.

Once the trial is over and you decide to subscribe to our site, more benefits will kick in:

  • Your listing will also appear on our high-traffic main lodging directory pages
  • Mapped location of the property
  • Your rates will be updated automatically
  • For Property Managers listing all their pet-friendly properties—and/or those listing more than 25--your logo will appear with a link to your home page from each location you have properties displayed on our site.

Sign up now and a Petswelcome specialist will call to verify your listing and activate your free trial. Or, if you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact Cindy Dahlen, our Marketing Director, at [email protected] or 320-766-9374.

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